When the last of our kids moved out, we found that we had too much house for just the two of us. We decided to downsize to a smaller, more manageable space. One of the things we needed to do was say goodbye to all of the stuff we had accumulated in 26 years of raising our family. We can’t say enough about Mark Pyne and his people. All we had to do was go through all of the rooms, the attic and basement, and put large colored sticky dots on everything we wanted to have removed. The crew from Mark’s Disposal came and took it all away. We didn’t have to lift a finger! They even hauled a load to Goodwill for us. It was a very enjoyable day.
Stacey S.
Beverly, MA
Our Condo Association leases a dumpster from Mark’s Disposal. It may sound a little anal but it was important to have a dumpster that is not an eye sore. We did not want to have a big rust bucket sitting on our property, discouraging people who wanted to purchase units. Mark’s Disposal provides us with a clean, freshly painted blue dumpster that does not spoil our property appeal. Pick-ups are made on time. During the holidays, we find that we need more pick-ups and deliveries. Mark’s Disposal is eager to accommodate. On behalf of our Condo Association, I would recommend Mark’s Disposal to anyone.
Bill K.
Peabody, MA
About three years ago, we decided to upgrade our kitchen. The kitchen designer we used sent a sub-contractor to remove the old cabinets and appliances. The crew from Mark’s Disposal also prepared the walls and floors for the new kitchen. We were impressed with the people from mark’s disposal because they were very friendly and accommodating, they all wore uniforms, and worked very efficiently. I know we indirectly paid for them through our kitchen designer, but I would be happy to hire Mark’s Disposal for any other demolition or clean-out work we may have.
Megan M.
Georgetown, MA

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