Many people see the crews of Mark’s Disposal conducting a selective demolition project or a renovation preparation job and subconsciously think that whatever we remove is automatically hauled off to the dump to permanently reside in a landfill. Nothing could be further from the truth.

In the planning process we undergo for all of the work we do, it is important to recognize all of the materials that can be recycled and reused because environmental sustainability is very important to all of the employees of Mark’s Disposal. In this context, we are actually involved in a process of “de-construction” which is a kind of building construction in reverse.

If you think about it, buildings, like everything else, enjoy a limited useful life-cycle. The easy thing to do whenever a structure reaches the end of its intended use is to carry out a complete demolition of the property and dispose of whatever is hauled away by the easiest mean possible. However, as we become more proficient at de-construction, we realize that we have an opportunity to give a new life to the materials within a building that is earmarked for removal. Sometimes the materials in a building that is being de-constructed can be more valuable than they were at the time the building was constructed.

It has been well said that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. At Mark’s Disposal, we have found it especially gratifying to be able to donate materials that we remove from particular buildings to non-profit organizations, many of which find a way to re-sell it to create new sources of funds that help sustain their missions. Making these donations to non-profits is a classic twofer – it creates value for the important community work they do and it re-uses materials that would otherwise end up the vast stream of waste produced in this country,

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