RRP Work

Renovation, repair and painting (RRP) work is some of the more common projects carried out by contractors on the part of homeowners. If you are hiring a firm to perform any of this type of work on your property, whether it is a commercial home or commercial building, please be certain to ensure that the company you are hiring is completely certified according to the

Lead poisoning is dangerous, yet it is one environmental health problem that is entirely preventable. It is a common myth that only children can fall victim to the ravages of lead poisoning, but that is exactly what it is, a myth. Adults are just as susceptible to this awful disease. In children it can cause serious developmental problems such as lower IQ, anemia, difficulties in learning to speak, behavioral challenges, anemia, nervous system damage, and more. High degrees of lead in the blood of adults can cause insomnia, irritability, nervous system disorders, chronic headaches, high blood pressure, and kidney damage. Although bans on leaded gasoline and paint have greatly reduced the incidence of dangerous lead levels in children, many children are still at risk for damaging lead exposure. Lead paint and the related dust and chips are the leading cause of high lead levels in U.S. children.

In order to do something about this, the DLS received authorization from the Environmental Protection Agency to administer and enforce the lead safety standards for renovation, repair and painting work set forth in 454 CMR 22.00, in lieu of the federal standard being enforced by EPA in Massachusetts. This regulation applies to residential houses, apartments, and child-occupied facilities such as schools and day-care centers built before 1978.

To learn more about the RRP regulation and how it may apply to you, or to inspect Mark’s Disposal’s RRP license, please fill out the contact form located on this page, or call us at 978-828-3398.

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